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2019 Resolution

How to Approach Your Fitness Plan

The New Year is here and you’re eager to start with a clean slate. With motivation at a high and fitness promotions showing you how easy it is to attain the physique of your dreams, you’re ready to embark on your fitness goals. Instead of failing mid February like 80% of fitness resolutions, I want to share how to set reasonable expectations and navigate through products and services so you can be well equipped for your 2019 fitness journey.

THE MOST IMPORTANT part is having a plan. I will repeat it again. HAVE A PLAN.

The type of plan and what’s included is less important, but having a plan you stay consistent with will give you results 99% of the time.

People often get hung up in finding the “right plan”. Finding the right plan for yourself is a daunting task. Unless you’re willing to invest in a personal trainer that can tailor a plan to your specific goals and limitations, the options for different products and services are seemingly endless.

The sad truth about many of these products and services, however, is that they persuade you to believe there is a secret weapon to achieving the body that you want and that secret weapon will get you there “in just 1 month!”. Often stating bold claims and playing on your emotions to get you to pay for a product or service. These bold claims set up false expectations and leave you discouraged when you don’t have the body of your dreams after one month of training and good eating.

Now I don’t mean to seem like I’m hating on the fitness industry, I love the fitness industry and I believe most businesses have good intentions. I also believe there are amazing products and services that aren’t packaged in a way that sets laughable claims and unreasonable expectations.

The cliche phrase “fitness is a marathon not a sprint” is true. It takes a long time to truly see great, long lasting results. So any product or service claiming instantaneous results with a photo of a half naked model should be taken with a grain of salt.

The problem with many people working towards their fitness goals is a lack of confidence in their fitness plan. Most people get hung up on minutia that prevents them from taking regular action. It’s easy to think there’s a better program out there you can be doing or you should be doing the same exercises as the jacked dude at the gym.

THE TRUTH about training programs is that pretty much any program done consistently over a long period of time will give you results. If you cant afford one custom tailored to you, there are many low cost options for following a training program, AND ALL OF THEM WORK. The most important detail is to make sure you’re not injuring yourself so starting off with simple movements and avoiding exercises you’re not comfortable with will help prevent those set backs.

Take Aways:

1. Don’t believe all fitness marketing claims.

2 Lasting results take time.

3. Any program you’re consistent with will show results.

4. Avoid movements you’re not comfortable with.

5. Stay consistent with any sort of program!


If you feel stuck and don’t know what exercises are right for your ability level, leave your contact info on my training page and we will set up a phone call to go over your goals.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

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