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I received my BS in kinesiology where my passion for health and fitness sparked. During my MS in biomechanics I dove deep into the field, learning how to apply the information I got out of the lab onto clients and athletes. Having access to a biomechanics and strength and conditioning lab opened my eyes to what goes into the research for improving performance and preventing injuries.  I am currently on track to become a doctor of physical therapy so I can have all the tools necessary to help my clients to the fullest.



I have trained hundreds of people in a variety of settings where I was able to implement what I learned from my studies into practice. I have instructed classes, one-on-one training, and group training. I have also trained a variety of populations from athletic populations, to injured populations, as well as elderly populations. I am most excited to empower someone to take responsibility for their health and fitness, and with the right tools guide them to their goals. 



My introduction to fitness was sparked like most by feelings of inadequacy of how I looked especially being an overweight kid. I started with conventional bodybuilding style training sculpting the physique I desired. After getting the results I worked so hard for I realized my joints weren't as mobile and flexible as I wanted them to be, and felt limited by their range of motion. During my MS I competed in Olympic Weightlifting which really taught me how to get my joints in the correct positions. My training currently is a hybrid of body building, circuit training, and olympic weightlifting. I use these modalities along with injury prevention techniques to help me excel in the sports I'm passionate about: rock climbing and surfing. 

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